Retirement Services

Our retirement services help you to choose the type of property ownership that suits your specific needs.

Planning & Design:

As the trend to adopt a healthier lifestyle continues, resulting in people living longer there will always be a requirement for a variety of secure environments offering related services to the retired market. LifeTides have over the years provided assistance to developers in the planning and design of a variety of establishments to meet market demand. Planning such a development can be a long process and success depends on how developers interact with the retirement industry service providers.

Sales & Marketing:

LifeTides can provide you with a comprehensive Sales & Marketing Service, from marketing concepts of leaflets/flyers, brochures - to advertising & web services - as well as going the whole distance to selling our development to appropriate clients.


The LifeTides mother company is fully equipped to tackle operational challenges, having worked with the retired market for in excess of 30 years both in South Africa and the UK. GEMS will provide a full service - from staffing, menu planning, buying & accounting through to reporting and arranging special functions for the residents.


LifeTides have a team of caring professionals who are selected on the basis of their willingness to “Share the Caring” of our residents, often going beyond the call of duty. LifeTides do not have regime of nurses, they have a team of individuals who will deliver a caring, compassionate individually tailored service.

Human Resources:

Employees are essential to the operational success and client satisfaction of any operation. Developers who would like to ensure client satisfaction require a team of motivated employees who are ensured of compliant, fair and consistent management in accordance with statutory legal requirements.


Every penny counts, to both developer, and clients to whom service is provided. Management of budgets and forecasting, invoicing of levies and sundry accounts can be undertaken by LifeTides. With on-site management LifeTides has daily contact with residents and service providers, and we are able to resolve financial matters promptly and efficiently.

Interior Design:

Clients purchasing within a retirement development, may avail themselves of this service to make their new home a special, individual space to meet their lifestyle choice. LifeTides have established relationships with specialist in the field of Interior Design /Décor that able to provide a stylish home within your budget.

Developers have a difficult task in ensuring that their development will appeal to the retired demographic and therefore need communicate with LifeTides who are constantly market to achieve unique, comfortable and serviceable public areas that have “the WOW factor”

Re-inventing services for the future:

“We will continue to expand our organization for clients in the interest of providing ongoing and improved service delivery”

R@W – Retirees at Work:

With retirement being possibly as long as your working life, you may find you have many hours that are underutilized. You will no doubt have many skills and much knowledge to share and impart, you may also like to continue to contribute to society and at the same time possible earn some extra cash for yourself.

LifeTides intends to launch R@W an employment network agency for retirees, who can register their skills and interest in part time employment. We will also be inviting small businesses to register their interest in the employment of skilled retirees for part time employment.

LPNC – LifeTides Private Care Nurses

Over many years we have seen an increase in the requirement for private care & companions, either from clients in their own homes and also discerning clients within retirement villages and complexes. We at LifeTides receive many requests from our clients and also applicants seeking such employment, it is therefore a further service that we intend to introduce to our clients in the near future.