Retirement Lifestyle Consulting

“LifeTides bring together property developers and retirees to create LIFESTYLES for a new age”

Healthy, vibrant, dynamic, longevity, time and the freedom to enjoy your retirement, live it the way YOU want to.

To understand the wide range of retirement lifestyles available and yet to be developed require a team you can build a relationship with. LifeTides is here to help you.

At LifeTides we have forged strong relationships with retirement property developers and continue to do so throughout the Western Cape and overseas to bring to you a selection of Retirement Lifestyle Developments.

Purchasing a Retirement Lifestyle can be traumatic, and understanding the types of ownership can be confusing, our overviews of ownership models will assist you in selecting which is best suited to you.

We help you all the way, providing sales assistance and management of services for developments.

Ownership Choices

Freehold / Sectional Title ownership
for the more free-spirited. Here, you are charged a homeowner’s levy with the option to pay for services throughout the development as and when requested.
Permanent Healthcare (Frailcare)
24-hour, Hospice style care that charges a monthly tariff, which varies according to the grading of the facility and suite occupied. Personal requirements and private doctors fees are charged as a sundry item to the residents account.
Life Right Healthcare / Specialised
if you need ongoing healthcare and, Permanent Healthcare for people who require a very high level of care.
Assisted Living Life Right
ownership under the Life Right agreement with a monthly care levy for all services.


  • John White and his team have made a significant contribution to many successful senior housing estates and we are proud to be associated with LifeTides.”

    Jimmy Hanekom CEO Livewell Suites



Gentle soothing word that speaks of quiet ease, the chance to read the books you love and do the things you please. To let a vast tumultuous world go roaring on its way, yet not to race along to keep ahead of it each day. Adventure new excitement lures no longer in the mind. Ambition does not wait-you are content to lag behind. Taking life more calmly and enjoying it much more. Observing things you had no time to bother with before. Time to think and to converse, to stroll and take the air. Time to follow fancy’s whim and time to stand and stare. (Kathleen Partridge – Daily Sketch 10th April 1940)
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